Friday, 1 March 2013

It's Friday

It's Friday. Not that it means much in our house. We don't work at conventional jobs outside the home and we unschool our son so time and date is of little importance here.
We eat when we're hungry, we sleep when we're tired and we wake when our bodies tell us to. What a concept, yet to most it's just a dream. You can have the dream too, just choose it. We aren't rich, we have all we need and when a need arises the solution magically appears.
This is how humans are meant to be. It's what keeps us alive and creative at our most optimal level.
We weren't meant to awaken to electronic alarms against our bodies will, we weren't meant to get into a toxic emissions vehicle and travel on dangerous roads through all kinds of weather just so we can make money which we're already destined to give away to our debt holders. Just getting to our job is quite insane really. We have to have a car to get us to the job. To have a car we must pay a bank a monthly amount of our wage. To own that car we must pay to have it registered with the government. To be able to drive that car we must pay for a licence plate to identify who we are and to continue driving we must pay for that privilege every year. In order to drive that car we must pay for insurance in case something goes wrong, a negative pattern already developing. To qualify for insurance we must drive safely, not get into accidents, be properly trained to drive safely, drive a safety approved car (which we also pay for), we must keep paying for our registration plates and licences....all designed to make sure that we won't ever need that insurance. HUH?

If that sounds ok to you then keep paying, however, it insults my intelligence. I am shocked that humans continue to fall under these slave type rules without question or rebuttal.
I wasn't born to this planet to be told what to do. As a human soul I will naturally be kind, generous, compassionate and do my part for the betterment of the whole community but my soul revolts when it's ordered around, especially when it's ordered to do things that don't benefit my community in any way. 

What are you working for? If you love your job then that's great! Would you love your job even more if you didn't have to give so much of your earnings to taxes and debt? Imagine doing the job you love and being able to buy whatever you want, travel where and when you like and live your life freely.
The myth that continues to circulate is that if we didn't have an overlord government run by corporations there would be anarchy and chaos. That may be true in some places for a few minutes. However, most of us want the same basic things. A roof over our heads, food to eat, roads to drive on, clothes to wear, toys for all ages, cars etc. Do you honestly think that humans would stop making these things happen just because we didn't have someone forcing us to? I believe in humans. I believe that we can enjoy the lifestyle to which we would like to become accustomed to without paying the banks/gov't/corporations. I have faith that people will jump at the chance to spend their money paying real people for real items rather than a fictitious gov't and corporation masking as real.
I think the main message here is that Gov't/Banks/Corps don't care about you. They really don't, what these beasts care about is money. They live and breath off it. It's the food that drives their insane purpose. STOP feeding the beast and it will die.
It's time for freedom folks, the time is now, do it, take back your life!
Create a wonderfilled day!!